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Movie Name : Red 2010
Cast : Bruce Willis , Mary-Louise Parker , John Malkovich , Helen Mirren , Karl Urban , Morgan Freeman , Rebecca Pidgeon , Chris Owens , Jaqueline Fleming , Randy Wade Kelley , Jason Giuliano , Alec Rayme , Lawrence Turner , Emily Kuroda , Joe Chrest , Justine Wachsberger , Tara Yelland , Ernest Borgnine , Jefferson Brown , Audrey Wasilewski , James Remar , Dmitry Chepovetsky , Matthew Olver , Brian Cox , Jason Weinberg , Tony De Santis , Greg Bryk , Heidi von Palleske , Richard Dreyfuss , Neil Whitely , Robert Morse , Joshua Peace , Michelle Nolden , Jake Goodman , Tess Goodman , Desiree Beausoleil , Laura DeCarteret , Jonathan Walker , Julian McMahon , Murray McRae , Cindy Dukoff , Thomas Mitchell , Bernadette Couture , Chavis Brown , Aaron Khon , George Kash , Bob Reeves , John Marmora , Leo Sullivan , Ron Johnston , Mark Ferguson , Johnny McLeod , Anthony Marmora , Steve McDade , Lenny Solomon , Bob DeAngelis , Valerie Winn , Michael Rogers , Annette Denise Bass , BRANDON bracey , Felder Charbonnet , Joseph Cintron , David Fultz , Gene Kevin Hames Jr. , Paul Kendall , John C. Klein , Jameson Kraemer , Laurie Lee , Christopher Maddison , Tadhg McMahon , Ritchie Montgomery , Dan Shea , Adam Sibley , Terry Lee Smith , Nancy E.L. Ward ,
Director : : Robert Schwentke ,
Movie Type : HD , Crime , Comedy , Action
Language : English
Running Time : 111
Age : General Exhibition
Status : Available
Release Year : 2010
Rate : (7.2/10.0)

Plot : When his idyllic life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent Frank Moses reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive.

Comment : 26 October 2010 | by Ced Yuen (United Kingdom) – See all my reviews A retired CIA operative, hunted by his own people, reunites his old team for one last mission. It's certainly not an original story, mashing together ideas that we've seen before in the Bourne series, The Expendibles and The Losers. 'RED' (which stands for 'Retired, Extremely Dangerous') is the 4th film this year to be adapted from a graphic novel. It is also the 4th to feature men going on a mission, and the 5th with a plot involving the CIA. I couldn't help but feel skeptical. But then I noticed the cast list and realised that this is meant to be a comedy. At this point I saw the project in a different light. 'RED' is a film in which John McClane, God, Cyrus the Virus and The Queen join forces and kill people for laughs. Clearly this was going to be a film where story and sense came second to cast and chemistry. From 'Die Hard' to 'Sin City', Bruce Willis' good-guy-having-a-bad-day routine has evolved little, but it does not need to be fixed. His performance in 'RED' is familiar, but he is never less than entertaining. This time he brings with him an air of self-parody. Throughout the film he maintains a carefree poker-face, as though he's done this so many times over the years that he can afford to be relaxed. There are valid attempts at making Willis seem more normal, and these can be quite amusing. The first 10 minutes, which show him adjusting to retirement and aimlessly wandering around the house in his dressing gown, are reminiscent of Carl Fredricksen's first appearance as an old man in 'Up'. Deeper characterisation, however, only serves to show how abnormal he really is, and it is a delight to see him in action. With the exception of Willis, the cast is made up of actors who have no business waving guns around. Helen Mirren was an inspired choice, as if making up for the predictability of Willis' casting. Flower-arranging OAP on the outside and bad-ass hit-woman on the inside, Mirren is strangely suited to action. There is something about the juxtaposition of her gran-like demeanour with exaggerated violence that makes her very funny and extremely watchable. John Malkovich is particularly entertaining in his performance as a mentally questionable conspiracy theorist who refuses to retire peacefully. After the numerous roles he has played with an undercurrent of insanity, it is hilarious to see him go full-on howling mad. It is not often that Malkovich gets to flex his comedy muscles, but he steals every scene in which he appears. Morgan Freeman is unfortunately the weakest part of this alternative A-Team, not because of his performance but because he is under-utilised. He has little action time and even less characterisation. There is a glimpse at pervy-old-man behaviour (which could have been funny) and a mention of health problems (which could have been touching) but these are quickly forgotten. It is as though the writers were distracted, trying too hard to develop a secondary storyline involving Willis' romance with a pension office clerk. This subplot adds little and distracts from the main picture. It is a pity, because the wasted effort could have been more effectively put into making the story tighter, or on giving Morgan Freeman more screen time. Overall, this is a good laugh, even if you won't remember it afterwards. Taking things less seriously and trying less hard to be cool means that 'RED' is more fun than 'The Expendibles', and less embarrassing too. Stallone can mumble all he wants about "shooting real action" - I'd rather see the Queen fire machine guns.